graphic designer for film & television
I may have a slight obsession with alternate worlds and stories, which is why I’m so passionate about design for film and television. I get inspired by the little details in life, and the quirks that show a human hand—whether that’s irregular spacing in a shop sign, to a smudged kiss in a handwritten letter. Contributing the little details that help make imagination into reality.
My background in installation design, oil painting, printmaking, trend research + concepting, and color design allows me to focus on the every detail while scaling out to think big picture. Experience in corporate environments taught me how to collaborate while communicating professionally, keeping the day fun while respecting and working with different personalities.
Through art and design I aim to make things that are equally expressive and honest, and blend right into the world you envision for them.
currently / .
reading . . . Recursion by Blake Crouch
listening . . . Jade Green by Kacey Musgraves
watching . . . True Detective: Night Country
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